Red Black & White

Keeping it classy and sexy with this very victorian feeling studio portraits, today’s boudoir feature brings in power colors alongside some soft and ethereal images.

from the photographer “In crafting boudoir sessions, my aim is to offer clients an experience where they can see themselves in a new light through my lens. It’s about more than just capturing images; it’s an opportunity to celebrate and honor women and their bodies. I strive to create a space where they feel empowered, beautiful, and confident, despite the inherent vulnerability of the moment.

My goal is to embrace their unique essence, ensuring they feel both sexy and empowered throughout the session and for years to come, looking back at the images and remembering that feeling.

Selecting black, red, and white evokes diverse vibes. White, with its softness, exudes a bridal aura, imparting an ethereal feel. Black, bold and robust, emanates confidence and mystery. Red, the hue of passion, amplifies the sensation of allure. Plus, mixing natural poses with candid moments? It’s the recipe for a variety of amazing images!”

Photography: Heartmore Artistry by Roza Goltser Photography 

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