A Gas Station in Sedona

When the sun hits just right, and the desert is begging you to step inside, you take the offer .. even if it is just outside of a gas station! That’s just what photographer Annie Caplan did with these photos … a gas station stop and an impromptu photo session ensued. It looks like the […]

Together Today

Oh how I love a sexy and sensual couples boudoir session! There’s an added element of sensuality that just goes into these that you don’t see in solo boudoirs that brings a beautiful story to images! Nicole Lynne captured this so well with Anissa & Ryan and their shoot with their kitties, with a combination […]

Moody in Lace and Calvins

A beautiful lifestyle-type boudoir session with dark and moody lingerie, fun Calvins, and then just nothing at all! This shadowy take on a boudoir session at home brings light and shadows together in a fun way that is artsy and sexy! Photographer: La Femme Boudoir

Free Spirit

You can tell confidence when you see it. And this lady has it in abundance! From the sensual indoor sessions to baring it all outside, this is a story about loving yourself and being free about it! Photography: La Femme Boudoir

A Brooklyn Apartment

When these landed in my inbox, I knew I was going to have a hard time culling them down for a feature. The whole set is straight heat, and there’s so much creativity and outfit and environment changes within this Brooklyn apartment that it makes a lovely art feature! Photographer: Michael Jacobs

Beautiful Light Boudoir

Lovely light and a gorgeous girl punctuate this lovely studio session where the surroundings add to the character and the light hugs and shapes the woman framed in these images. photographer @beaujour.boudoir model @indi.willi

Vintage Hollywood Boudoir

Let’s kick back a throwback today to this elegant and glamorous vintage boudoir shoot with a Hollywood vibe. You can’t say that vintage styling isn’t seductive too! Photographer: OC Boudoir @oc.boudoir Model: @tayloranntracy Makeup: @michellefallman Location: @sparkstudiosoc

Sun Kissed

The sun peeked in just right and kissed this babe for her session … totally gorgeousness (is that a word?). Tina never fails to capture some truly remarkable boudoir moments … this one is lovely! Photography: LF Boudoir

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