A Nude Boudoir Session

Should I shoot nude for my boudoir? What about all the parts of me I don’t like? What about getting naked in front of a stranger? What if I don’t want those photos online? What if? What if?

Today we are presenting what we feel is one of the loveliest and truest forms of expression of the human body … a nude photo shoot. Photographer Alex Del Mundo who did this session has written a great piece on his thoughts on getting nude for a session here. One thing we are certain of – if you decide to do it, it’s absolutely beautiful! Also getting nude doesn’t mean you have to show anything below the waist that you don’t want seen if you don’t want to … you can do implied nude which means that you are doing beautiful nude photos but not having the velvet volvo showing down below. Either way it’s your choice! which is ultimately what boudoir is about .. empowering you to make your own choices with your own body and show how beautifully powerful you are.

Photographer: Alex Del Mundo

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