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Black & Red Boudoir

I kept hearing the tune for ‘black and yellow, black and yellow’ roll through my head while doing this one (lol!) so I stuck with a similar title since this babe rocked the black and red lingerie for this lovely shoot! Photography: Katlyn Hall Photography Makeup: S&T Beauty Location: The Annapolis Studio

Vintage Motorcycle Boudoir

Well hello Rosie the Riveter, come on down and let’s take a ride together, shall we? Yet another out-of-the-box interpretation of boudoir, showing that art is art regardless of the setting! And this one is bad ass! Photo: Afterglow Images Hair / Makeup: South Coast Beauty

In the Bath

This is unconventional boudoir. Not all boudoir means you put on some Victoria’s Secret with heels and look like a modern pin up babe. Sometimes boudoir is just stripping everything away … clothing, makeup, a scene … and just being raw. The realness of this session is something every woman can relate to. Model @lunar.wildling […]

A Comfortable Nude Boudoir at Home

We discussed some of the pros and cons of nude boudoir sessions here, and today we’re bringing you yet another beautiful session from Alex del Mundo that really showcases how beautiful it is to be comfortable in your own skin! This relaxed session in a home environment is beautiful and really lets all the beautiful […]

Red Hair and Freckles

Boudoir is a state of mind. It’s the power that comes from realizing that your body is beautiful whatever damn outfit you choose to wear. It’s the realizing that your body is beautiful, and it’s yours. It’s knowing that you are the only one like you, and you are a goddess. Photographer @annie.caplan.photography Host @laurenkurc […]

A Nude Boudoir Session

Should I shoot nude for my boudoir? What about all the parts of me I don’t like? What about getting naked in front of a stranger? What if I don’t want those photos online? What if? What if? Today we are presenting what we feel is one of the loveliest and truest forms of expression […]

Booty & Mini Shorts

Booty. Hump Day. Buttocks. The emoji 🍑. Now that I have your attention, I direct you to this beautiful boudoir session where the babe wore whatever the heck she wanted. And the ones with the mini shorts? Well let’s just say those are my fave! If you’ve got it .. show it off! Photography: Katherine […]

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