Anonymous Boudoir

Sometimes a gal might want to remain anonymous in her boudoir pictures, and that’s ok too! While boudoir is incredibly self empowering, it’s also immensely seductive to be secretive … either in how much skin you show or how much of your face you show. This feature is the latter case, and the anonymity makes […]

A Very Nature Boudoir

Being outside in nature is truly seductive. It feels almost primal to bare down in a natural environment … like a female of the species ready to attack its prey. Given that boudoir is empowering, it can be a heady feeling to combine that with a little sensuality in the wild world. Loving this shoot […]

Black & Red Boudoir

I kept hearing the tune for ‘black and yellow, black and yellow’ roll through my head while doing this one (lol!) so I stuck with a similar title since this babe rocked the black and red lingerie for this lovely shoot! Photography: Katlyn Hall Photography Makeup: S&T Beauty Location: The Annapolis Studio

Vintage Motorcycle Boudoir

Well hello Rosie the Riveter, come on down and let’s take a ride together, shall we? Yet another out-of-the-box interpretation of boudoir, showing that art is art regardless of the setting! And this one is bad ass! Photo: Afterglow Images Hair / Makeup: South Coast Beauty

In the Bath

This is unconventional boudoir. Not all boudoir means you put on some Victoria’s Secret with heels and look like a modern pin up babe. Sometimes boudoir is just stripping everything away … clothing, makeup, a scene … and just being raw. The realness of this session is something every woman can relate to. Model @lunar.wildling […]

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